Meet Our Elders

Under the lordship of Jesus Christ, who is the head of this church, Hope Christian Church is governed by a Board of Elders (the “Elder Team”). Elders must meet certain specific qualifications in order to hold the office (1 Timothy 3:8-13 and Titus 1: 6-9.) They have the authority to organize, guide, and direct all church activities in accordance with the teaching of the Bible, the Statement of Faith, the Mission Statement of the church, and the By-Laws, which are available on this site.

Elders are to; serve as models of Christian maturity; are responsible for the equipping of the members of this church; pray diligently for the church and its members; ensure that Scripture is taught in accordance with sound doctrine; are responsible for the management of the church as a father manages his household and the guidance of the church as a shepherd leads his flock; and are charged to lead by being servants to, not lords over, the members of the church.

Scripture always refers to Elders in the plural and reserves the role for qualified men only. Accordingly, this church will always have a plurality of men serving on the Elder Team. There are currently five Elders of Hope Christian Church.

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Todd Cravens

Teaching Pastor/Elder
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Todd Cravens has been an Elder since June 2008 and currently serves on staff as the Teaching Pastor. He and his wife, Alisa, moved from Pennsylvania with their three children at the end of May 2008. Todd has responsibility for all teaching curriculum in the church and preaches at most Sunday services. Todd earned his Masters of Divinity at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville Kentucky. He has served in four churches over the last 20 years. Todd may be reached at 781-935-3346 or by email at


Iain Whitfield

Community Life Pastor/Elder
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Iain Whitfield has been an Elder since 2001 and currently serves on staff as the Community Life Elder. He and his wife, Liz, moved from the UK in 1986 pursuing his career in U.S. commercial banking and responded to a call to ministry in 2007. He has two adult daughters, one of whom is married. Iain is one of the worship leaders for the church and has a heart for pastoral care, fellowship and prayer. He may be reached at 781-863-9581 or at


Michael Bradford

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Michael Bradford has served as an elder since 2010 and been a member of HCC since 2001. He has been active in many ministries in the church, and has a heart for teaching, pastoral care and outreach. Michael may be reached at 781-799-2252 or at


Paul Ananth

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Paul Ananth has served as an Elder since February 2015 and been a member since 2007. Paul has a heart for outreach. He currently leads a monthly gathering in his home to reach out to Asian Indians living temporarily or permanently in the U.S.. He also provides leadership to the church’s Audio Visual Team. Paul may be reached at 781-938-7116 or at


David Gonzales

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David Gonzales has served as an Elder since February 2015 and has been a member since 2009. David is actively involved in Men’s Ministry and small group leadership and is currently teaching an Adult Sunday School. David may be reached at 978-667-2131 or at